The Steps Corporate Dance Therapy Programs

The Steps Corporate Dance Therapy Programs

With the growing pressures of corporate life, professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to find time out for their own fitness and well being. Steps Dance Studio’s customized Dance Therapy Programs are a set of specially designed modules targeted towards the working professional keeping in mind their daily struggles and constraints.

The programs incorporate some integral stretching exercises aimed specifically at people who spend long hours behind a desk. These vital exercises help free the body and mind, making it more receptive and agile. They help in a more positive and productive outcome. These exercises are simple and can be practiced anywhere and anytime, even while working.

Additionally, we train in various other dance forms that helps one relax and unwind after a hard day’s work as well as provide that much needed exercise routine. We specialize in various contemporary dance forms like Hip-Hop, Modern Dance, Jazz Ballet and Jazz Funk. If there is an important corporate milestone to be celebrated, we will be happy to help you put up a memorable cultural show as well.

At Steps we believe, dance has a therapeutic impact on a person’s being; physical and psychological. Our approach to dance therapy is a scientific one, which focuses primarily on body flexibility, body posture, body toning, building self-confidence and promoting social interaction. It further builds discipline and creates a sense of teamwork and camaraderie amongst people. We are proud of our network of local and international instructors who have been teaching dance for over 2 decades. This network coupled with our expertise is what sets Steps Dance Studio apart.


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