Dance Forms

Kids Fun Dance

It’s just a dance form designed purely for kids ranging from 3 to 6 years in the budding age. Through dance as a medium we help kids lose their fears and grow their personality with group dance choreography and help them coordinate, we conduct fun games and short stories in between for the kids to keep them involved into learning. The class lasts for the 1-hour duration on twice a week with a few dance exercises also as a part of it.


Steps Dance Studio offers Ballet classes for all age groups at various level. Our courses in ballet start from age group 3 onwards to adults. This course had been designed to fit for non-dancers as well as dancers from all age groups. For small kids, we incorporate ballet with various games and stories to get involved with ballet dance. For the older kids, we teach from the basic to the bar exercises. Our director who has knowledge in ballet dance more than 18 years will be taking the classes personally with his female assistants.

Jazz Ballet

Jazz ballet is dance form emerged from the early 50’s from the African Vernacular Dance. At our studio, one will learn the very basics to the depth of the dance form which will help them grow and it is mainly known as “performing art”. First half hour will be stretching, strength, isolation exercise, and ballet techniques follow by Jazz Ballet routine.

Hip Hop

Hip – Hop emerged in the early 70’s from African-American culture in the New York City and is known as an expressive dance form. At the studio, an individual will learn the entire basis of the dance form and will learn to express feelings through the medium of dance in it. Classes include stretching, strengthening exercise followed by routine.


Salsa is the most famous Latin American dance form which originated in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Columbia. It is the most famous social dance form and very easy to learn based on the concept of leading and following; where it is lead by a man and women follows. At the studio, you will learn the dance with the entire basis of the dance form and turn into a professional salsa dancer over a period of time. You will not need a partner to come and learn. As a plus point, you don’t need to know the dance to learn salsa. We specially offer 3 months, 6 months and 9 months training course in salsa.


Zumba is basically a fitness dance form coming from the 90’s. At the studio, you will be trained on this dance form as its main motive is to achieve fitness through the medium of dance and requires no effort in learning during the coursework being a party dance form. We offer morning, evening and also weekend sessions for Zumba. We have ZIN certified Zumba instructors taking classes at our studio.

Jazz Funk

Jazz-funk is a subgenre of Jazz mixed with electrified music. It is an energetic dance form on the whole. At the studio, we will help the individual learn the basics of jazz and slowly moving onto jazz funk and develop to a professional level. routine.


A ballroom is a partner dancing together; it is enjoyed socially and competitively as well and is very appealing on stage, television and movies. At the studio, you will learn to professionally upfront on how to work with partners and achieve over coordination. Ballroom includes cha-cha-cha, waltz, foxtrot and jive which is offered at our studio. We only teach ballroom dance styles as private sessions.