We take away all your inhibitions about age or experience in dance:
We believe in philosophy of age is just a number and everyone is a beginner at something. Hence don’t ever have any doubts about such trivial things. Let us know your ambitions in dance and we will nurture you to guide you there.
We provide affiliation program with International Dance Company:
With the ongoing rise in the interest towards various dance form it becomes imperative for one to learn dance with plethora of exposure. Keeping this in mind, we have our programs in affiliation to Humans Collective, New York, NY,U.S.A.
We have state of the Art Studios at Prime Locations:
Our dance studios are located in hubs of the city for convenience of the students.The dance floors are ideal to learn dance where student’s ankle /knee are protected as we follow high standard.
We fulfil your dream of being a star:
I am sure everyone is exciting about exhibiting their talent and being in the spotlight.  Hence, we provide a live stage performance experience to all our students, where students can perform on a professional platform.
You will receive international exposure:
With instructors from across the globe we ensure that students receive international exposure under one to roof to develop their calibre and interest in dance  We frequently have international artists visiting Hyderabad to provide mentorship and conduct various courses.
Try us for wide variety of dance forms:
We are proud to claim that we are the best when it comes to offering training in wide variety of dance forms in the twin cities.  We also provide event management/lights /sounds /stage services too.
We work round the clock and calendar:
Yes we have classes throughout the year. We even work on Sundays too! As we boast our only passion is to dance and train, we ensure we spread its importance to encourage people to inculcate this art.
We work internationally:
We have worked with the U.S. Consulate, Alliance Francis, Gothem Centerum, Government of India, Telangana Tourism, British Council etc. to promote arts in the twin city.